TeamPuzzle Challenge 2017

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TeamPuzzle Challenge 2017

TeamPuzzle Challenge 2017 allows children to problem solve as a team and help them learn some lifelong skills – how to collaborate and communicate with others and how to be a team player. This challenge which utilizes puzzles and hands-on experiments is jointly offered by Mr Jay Menon, the immediate past Chairman of Malaysian Mensa, and TeamMathics.

This exciting event falls on the 19th Dec 2017, Tuesday, 10.00am-11.30am. The categories are Kids (Y2-4), Junior (Y5-7) and Senior (Y8-11). In this challenge, a certain number of puzzles must be solved within 90 minutes, with more challenging puzzles allocated higher scores than easier ones.

Date: 19th Dec 2017, Tuesday
Time: 10.00am-11.30am
Venue: Subang Jaya

*A team is made up of two students. Both teammates must belong to the same category and that is, TeamPuzzle Kids (Y2-4), TeamPuzzle Junior (Y5-7) or TeamPuzzle Senior (Y8-11). And both must sign up on the SAME registration form.

TeamPuzzle Challenge 2017 Categories:

Category  Year Levels
TeamPuzzle Kids  Year 2-4
TeamPuzzle Junior  Year 5-7
TeamPuzzle Senior  Year 8-11


For more info, kindly call 012-681 1235 / 017-868 5123.

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