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 1)  Has the advantage of lateral & vertical teaching

Wider Syllabus – K6 to Year 11/IGCSE/O-Level/Form 5/ SPM
Deeper Syllabus – Cultivate Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS/KBAT) with differentiated pathways

*DOK = Depth of Knowledge

2)  Engages the 21st century learner

Students have different starting points. Some find maths enjoyable, others find it challenging. There is a need for differentiated pathways to support every learner in order to maximise their potential. We need to engage the 21st century learners, who are digital natives and comfortable with the use of technologies and who work and think differently.                            (Source: Primary Mathematics Teaching and Learning Syllabus 2013, MOE Singapore)

We aim to be current, updated and relevant to the Gen-Z learning style. Students may be motivated to achieve better with access to topics online and by belonging to a peer community. The more hands-on parent will appreciate the accessible information on what your child is working on.

3)  Provides top-notch teaching materials

One of our offerings is KooBits, winner of the 2015 Edtech Excellence Award by Bett Asia and Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (iDA). It is the top, award-winning online Singapore Maths programme that is widely adopted in Singapore and is aligned with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative. We also have materials recommended and used by MOE Singapore and University of Cambridge.

4)  Offers crossover syllabus

Students focusing on school Maths (eg Cambridge Maths) will benefit from exposure to Singapore Maths as well. This will enhance their mastery on topics, skills, solving methods and depth of content.

5) Includes a diverse series of programmes

  • DOK Tier 1 Programme
  • DOK Tier 2 Programme
  • DOK Tier 3 Programme
  • DOK Tier 4 Programme 
  • Singapore Primary & Secondary
  • Cambridge Primary & Secondary
  • Checkpoint & IGCSE Coaching
  • ASEAN Scholarship Intensive (Sec-1 Entry, Sec-3 Entry, A-Level Entry)
  • Competition Intensive (KMC, SASMO, OMK, ICAS, AMC, AIMO, SIMOC, AMO, MAA-AMC)
  • TeamPuzzle Programme (in collaboration with the immediate past Chairman of Malaysian MENSA)


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