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Discover the Genius in your Child

Maths is the language for science, engineering, arts and in everyday life.
Leonardo da Vinci is a Mathematician, a Scientist, an Artist, an Architect, an Engineer and a Dreamer!

At TeamMathics, we aim to help our students maximise their potential and become confident TeamMathicians. With their best interest at heart, we shall work with parents and strive to understand their needs and achieve their goals. 

To this end TeamMathics is:

  • An aggregator in bringing together best practices in Maths learning and HOTS development
  • A one-stop Maths Resource Centre for students from K6 to Year 11/IGCSE/O-Level/Form 5/ SPM
  • The first to have a seamlessly integrated ONLINE and OFFLINE Singapore Maths programme

3 contributing factors to creating confident TeamMathicians: 



Some facts about our team:

  • Among the first to popularise Singapore Maths in Malaysia
  • Trained in Singapore Maths methodology
  • Trained hundreds of students for world competitions and scholarships
  • Qualified Trainers with Mensan status
  • Experienced teachers teaching secondary levels
  • Highly experienced Training, Research & Development team
  • Experience in International Maths Olympiad
  • Constant reviews and trainings to gain new skills


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