AMC 2016 Intensive

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AMC 2016 Intensive

(Classes commence mid-May’16)

Suitable for students from Year 2 to Year 10 (Std 2 to Form 4)

The INs will determine the HOTS

We hereby announce the official launch of our ICAS Intensive Programme and AMC Intensive Programme. TeamMathics centres will be conducting a 10-lesson ICAS / AMC Intensive Programme starting mid-May. Let your child master the Important and Necessary skills (INs) and don’t miss out on equipping them with the best Heuristics to prepare for the upcoming ICAS & AMC assessments and help them develop Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS / KBAT)!

What is AMC?

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) by Australian Mathematics Trust provides an opportunity for students to discover their problem-solving talent. Questions in the papers are ordered in increasing difficulty. The earlier questions may use familiar mathematics while the later questions are more difficult and are intended to challenge. The last 5 questions are equivalent to Maths Olympiad standard.

AMC is open to all Year 3 to 12 students. They are allowed to use 60 minutes (Primary) and 75 minutes (Secondary) to answer 25 MCQ and 5 non-MCQ (whole number answer).

For more info:

Advantages for sitting ICAS-Maths and AMC assessments every year

All participants receive a worldwide-recognised certificate (High Distinction, Distinction, Credit, Participation) and a detailed report showing how they perform in answering each question, with comparison to wider statistics. Using this data, parents and teachers can easily track the progress of student learning through each year level, build up strengths and target weaknesses. This way, students are able to continually improve and move closer to achieving their highest potential.

July 28 Thursday – 2016 AMC Day